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Found 8 results

  1. I decided to make game with phaser using Mighty Editor but the url that opens the editor doesn't work. Can anybody help me on this. It just says website is under maintainance.
  2. Hey, please can someone give me a step by step guide on how to use mighty editor locally on my computer without Internet. I don't really understand the guide on the github repo.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a game developer to help us finish a simple HTML5 cross platform IOS game. We have a prototype nearly complete we would like finished. This will involve working with our artist and mightyeditor who has properties and a spec to create a simple HTML5 game. We have properties to conform to certain behaviors pro grammatically. *The game is a drag and drop game with particle effects *15 minigames This prototype will go on to make 10 more apps so there will be steady work for a while. It will likely involve cocoon.io in the fu
  4. Hi folks, I don't know if this is a phaser issue or it has to do with ME? I wanted to tween the alpha of a group and it does not work as expected. Later on I was trying even with a text element and its the same. What happens is the following: I can decrease the alpha by 0.1 manually and nothing happens until the alphas value gets down to zero. I guess then phaser internally sets the element to "visible = false"? Anyway, I can't tween the value and that's the problem.
  5. Hi folks, I was trying to group together two groups with the "group selected items" button. One time, my two groups just disapeared. The other time inside one group two empty groups were created. Oh and by the way, it would be nice to be able to also adjust the anchor points for groups like you can with sprites.
  6. ME seems to output german umlaute wrong. I can correct the text manually within the mt.data.js. So it's okay. Just to let you know. Oh, I just recongnized, this only seems to be the case, when I use the "export data.js only". When exporting the whole project as a zip umlaute get shown right. Cheers, Henryk
  7. Hello again, just because I'm so used to by graphic editors and such. I always tend to use "SHIFT + Arrow key" when I want to move objects around in bigger steps (10px). Which does not work (by now) in ME. Nothing super important, it only would be nice to be able to. Cheers, Henryk
  8. Hello dear folks of ME, as I work with sprite atlases now, I was thinking of one thing that would be helpful. Lets say I have a sprite image + sprite atlas ("sprite_img.png" + "sprite_atlas.xml") with several game items. Within the asset preview I then select a game item ("super-coin") and drag it on the stage. Within the object panel, by default, it always gets renamed after the image name ("sprite_img"). It would be nice if it would be named like the related id name from the sprite atlas ("super-coin"). Cheers, Henryk
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