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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks, I wrote a post on my blog that people looking to release their web-games on Steam etc. might find useful. Just repasting it below. Developing an HTML5 and JS game as a standalone application can be a murky process. Here's how to set yourself up right and make the testing and building fairly painless. This article was originally published on Koobazaur's Blog. Project Background I am currently working on HEADLINER, an experimental adventure game about controlling the news, swaying public opinion and keeping your family safe. Wanting easy distribution and
  2. Hello, I'm trying to get Pixi to work with nwjs but I get some errors in pixi's platform.js. It doesn't seem to recognize some globals. First of all it gave undefined for global.document, which I was able to fix by adding a line to my script: global.document = window.document; // Fix pixi document contextHowever, right after I get the next error, apparently global.Image is undefined. Since I have no idea what global.Image is supposed to be or do I'm stuck and don't know how to proceed.
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