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Found 2 results

  1. I'm putting together a basic top-down scrolling game and I have three groups of background tiles moving down the screen. I also have a character I add as a sprite but cannot get it to show up on top. I've tried bringToTop(), adding it to another group, enabling physics (like the background ones), adding it last, adding it first. My State object has three groups set at zero z and the sprite at 5 and it still never shows up. If I don't ever create the other groups, I'm fine. Does it matter that my character is a class derived from Phaser.Sprite instead of just a sprite? I can't find any reason this is happening. Thanks
  2. Hello all, Just wondering if the tileMapLayer is supposed to have the 'bringToTop' method in it still? I updated my version of Phaser to 2.3.0, and discovered that it no longer existed. Is this supposed to be the case? Currently I'm just hacking it a bit and doing: Phaser.TilemapLayer.prototype.bringToTop = Phaser.Component.BringToTop.prototype.bringToTop;Just wondered in case things had been changed, or if it was done by mistake. Cheers