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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have a folder with 23MB of sounds (including music), all of them are in .ogg format because I need to support really old browsers. When loading those sounds, memory usage goes up to 900MB. If I comment the lines below, it stays about 90MB. What am I doing wrong? Controller.numMusic = 5; //Load music: for (var i = 0; i < Controller.numMusic; i++) { let soundName:string = "music" + i;, "assets/audios/music/" + soundName + ".ogg"); }"menu", "assets/audios/music/menu.ogg");, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.ACERTOU + ".ogg");, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.ERROU + ".ogg");, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.ANDANDO + ".ogg");, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.CAINDO + ".ogg");, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.CLICK_BT + ".ogg");, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.CLICK_RUN + ".ogg");, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.GRAB_ARTIFACT + ".ogg");, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.PUT_ARTIFACT_ALTAR + ".ogg");, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.BREAK_ARTIFACT + ".ogg");
  2. Hi everyone, I recently started using and I am truly amazed by it! I studied tilemaps a little bit and read forum posts about them. I am seeking your thoughts on using them to make a "game viewed from above". Something like hotline miami (screenshot). However, the distinction in my case would be that I want to create a very large world, possibly infinite (well, limited by floating point precision and whatnot). Anyhow, I was thinking of creating a cell-based tiling system (similar to how Skyrim works). That is, the cell the player is on, as well a its neighbors would be loaded. When the player travels to a new cell, the new neighbors are loaded, and the old ones discarded. For instance: Assuming the player is in cell 1, and moves to cell 6, cells 2, 5 and 7 will be unloaded, and 3 new cell would be loaded. Would a tilemap work for this? What if I want to start adding "levels" (e.g. going down stairs). Any feedback is highly appreciated Edit: I forgot to mention that the camera will be locked to the player, the size of a cell will be equal or larger than what fits on screen (unlike the image above).