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Found 10 results

  1. I have on stage special "workspace" pixi container - I use it to allow user to draw on it. It works perfect if I set hitArea dimensions to renderer width and height but the problem is that user can move this layer or zoom in/out. I think result is obvious, after move/zoom it is not possible to draw on canvas because hitArea "run" out from the screen or it is too small. My question is what is the best actual solution for this (pixi v4)? I was thinking about setting Infinite hitArea but this is not possible. I could set hitArea Rectangle to be like 999999px so it should not be possible to go out of drawing area but is it ok? Can setting very big hitArea slow down interaction manager? Also another option was to replace hitArea (make it bigger) after move/zoom but this is proably not the best idea. Is there any elegant solution to cover this case easly?
  2. Summer Love is small infinite horizontal runner made in Phaser. That weird name comes from fact it should promote some summer music festival with this name. Later in game there are spikes and if you pick heart, you can do additional in-air jump. Hero's animation was made with Spriter (tool for skeletal animations). Game is controlled with space or left mouse button. Play it here: https://www.gameeapp.com/game/kiBJvHa
  3. Run Lady Run is a "endless runner" game, where you must escape from a giant spider. The game has a store where you can buy potions. There are several achievements to be unlocked. In the settings you can choose other ways to control the character. Every day the player earns daily rewards in coins or potions. It's now available on Facebook, play now on your browser, just access the link below: https://apps.facebook.com/runladyrun/ or http://weslleymaciel.com.br/games/runladyrun.html If you want to play on your android device just access this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weslleymaciel.runladyrun
  4. Nepoxx

    Infinite game

    Hey guys, I've been pretty busy lately trying to make an overhead game using a tilemap and arcade physics. I'd like the game to be functionally infinite in all directions, à la Minecraft. I came up with a few ideas to make this work and would appreciate some feedback or advice from people that re doing similar concepts. The first solution, to make the game limitless. What I mean by this is to not do anything particular to make it limitless, simply make the camera follow the player, and do not give any bounds.Pros:Trivial to implementCons:Limited by floating point precision, which may even vary by device Another common approach for this is to "move the world, not the player". The benefits of this is that you basically never encounter precision issues, because all the entities you see, including you, are at or near the origin.Pros:Virtually infiniteCons:Very hard to implement (everything has to be converted to local/world space all the timePhysics might not work with the existing systemsThe world might contain a lot of sprites, so moving the player implies moving a lot of sprites, which may not be efficientAn approach I thought of is to create a tilemap larger than the screen. When the player reaches the edge of the screen, the tilemap is shifted to the left, and the player is recentered at the origin. For example, imagine a square 3x3 tilemap and only 1 tile fits on the screen. If the player moves right, we destroy all the left tiles, shift all the tiles left by one, load 3 new tiles on the right, then recenter the player.Pros:Very few tiles loaded at anyone timeSomewhat easy to implementCons:When recentering everything, there will probably be a moment of stutter I'm open to suggestions/comments/ideas for this project/concept
  5. We are proudly announcing our newest game, Combat Squad! It's a fun shooter game with a lot of achievements, upgrades, items and enemies. Game Link - temporarily offline (working on a much improved version, check posts below) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the Combat Squad! When terrible monsters threaten the peace of the world they come to protect us! Fly and shoot these monsters and destroy as many as possible for as long as you can.
  6. I have an infinitely scrolling tile sprite as the background for my game. I want to use a camera to move instead of creating the illusion of movement by using: bg.tilePosition.x -= player.spd But, since the background is infinite and I need to set the world bounds, it can't be an infinite world. What would be the best way to do this? Thanks
  7. Hi, I've finally released my first mobile game, Cosmo Starglider! Have you ever wanted to shoot robots in space with a laser-gun? Yeah, me too, but wake up that's not happening bub. Something you can do though is try my new game for free! It's in space so that's similar at least. You are Cosmo, alone in space, gliding among the stars with your jetpack. But an horrific amount of mysterious asteroids are in your way. How long can you survive? How far will you get? Right now you can only try to beat yourself and your closest friends, but get your practice going, because in a week you will be able to compare yourself with the rest of the world! Here's the link if you want to check it out (please do!): http://onelink.to/wh9anz/ (Newer mobiles recommended, inexperienced programming on my part can cause lag) Feedback wildly appreciated! You can do that by rating or on the links below! And for more info on our games and updates, find us here: https://www.facebook.com/PiggybackGames And on my twitter: @jagekiwi Go indiedevs, cheers!
  8. Hi everyone, I recently started using Phaser.io and I am truly amazed by it! I studied tilemaps a little bit and read forum posts about them. I am seeking your thoughts on using them to make a "game viewed from above". Something like hotline miami (screenshot). However, the distinction in my case would be that I want to create a very large world, possibly infinite (well, limited by floating point precision and whatnot). Anyhow, I was thinking of creating a cell-based tiling system (similar to how Skyrim works). That is, the cell the player is on, as well a its neighbors would be loaded. When the player travels to a new cell, the new neighbors are loaded, and the old ones discarded. For instance: Assuming the player is in cell 1, and moves to cell 6, cells 2, 5 and 7 will be unloaded, and 3 new cell would be loaded. Would a tilemap work for this? What if I want to start adding "levels" (e.g. going down stairs). Any feedback is highly appreciated Edit: I forgot to mention that the camera will be locked to the player, the size of a cell will be equal or larger than what fits on screen (unlike the image above).
  9. Hi, I'm creating a shooter game, and I've followed the 'Space Invaders' example. Everything is working but one thing, I would like to have infinite ammo, so CreateMultiple has to be infinite. It requires a value, so I don't know how to make it actually infinite. Basically what I want to do is create a couple bullets and recycle them over and over again. Any suggestions on how I could do so you never run out of bullets? Thanks in advance, Kevin
  10. Bluesir9

    Infinite Runner

    So i wish to build a game like canabalt or as they call it an infinite runner. I am working on the Phaser framework. How can i create random platforms to be generated ahead of me as the screen scrolls. I am a beginner at this so i couldnt figure it out quite much. Also how can i handle the screen scrolling?
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