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Found 4 results

  1. I'm interested in the Particle Storm plugin, but I'll be updating my game to Phaser 3.0 shortly. WIll the plugin be updated for 3.0, or will the code work in 3.0?
  2. Hi guys, Is there any way you can change the position of an emitter created with Particle Storm from (x,y) to (x1, y1) and then to (x2, y2)? Any ideas? --- Or how to destroy an emitter?
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if Particle Storm can handle an atlas: I'm trying to port this: var emitter = this.game.add.emitter(this.centerX, this.moon.y - ~~(this.moon.y * 0.5), 25); emitter.makeParticles("prefabs", ['present_0.png', 'present_1.png', 'present_2.png', 'present_3.png', 'present_4.png', 'present_5.png', 'present_6.png', 'present_7.png', 'present_8.png', 'present_9.png']); emitter.gravity = 200; emitter.start(true, 3500, null, 15); and from what I've seen until now there is only this setup in Particle Storm: var data = { lifespan: { min: 2000, max: 3000 }, image: ['flare_diamond', 'flare_point', 'flare_vertical'] }; Any ideas? Thank you!
  4. Hello, I have just purchased the Particle Storm plugin. I like it a lot and it makes it easy to make complicated things, but I cannot make a simple thing easily. What I would like to do is stop/remove/hide the particle effect/emitter when the user is starting a new round and then show it again when needed. That's where I am stuck - I simply can't manage to do something as simple as hiding/stopping/removing the particles. I searched through the docs but I can't seem to find an opposite of the .emit() method, i.e. a way to stop it? Then as a last resort I tried to destroy the emitter object and then recreate it when needed, but even that doesn't work. I though my code was causing the problem somewhere but then I took one of the examples (pixel_renderer_01.html) and just added a call to destroy after 2sec at the end of the create method and it generates the same error in the console as my code: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of null at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Particle.create (particle-storm.min.js:2) at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Particle.reset (particle-storm.min.js:2) at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Emitter.emitParticle (particle-storm.min.js:2) at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Zones.Line.emit (particle-storm.min.js:2) at Phaser.ParticleStorm.Emitter.emit (particle-storm.min.js:2) at c.Timer.update (phaser.min.js:19) at c.Time.updateTimers (phaser.min.js:19) at c.Time.update (phaser.min.js:19) at c.Game.update (phaser.min.js:12) at c.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF (phaser.min.js:18) at window.requestAnimationFrame.forceSetTimeOut._onLoop (phaser.min.js:18) Attached you can find the example file with the code added by me, I believe I really didn't manage to do anything wrong in those 5 lines (my code is lines 64 to 73)? Or am I taking a completely wrong approach, what should I do to stop the emitter when needed and then restart it again when needed? Kind regards, Darko pixel renderer01.html
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