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Found 3 results

  1. In my game, when a user presses the "upgrade" button the game pauses and a menu is displayed which allows the user to upgrade their skills. This works fine except that as the skills are increased they do not update on the screen until after the game "resumes" from being paused. I need a way to update or redraw the screen without unpausing the game. I would even be happy with some sneaky method of unpausing and then re-pausing after 1 draw cycle or something to that effect. The items I'm trying to update are hud elements such as heart containers and available points and such. Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm brand new to the forums and I've been using Phaser for about 1 week, so sorry if my post is in the wrong area or anything.
  2. is it possible for me to pause the game game.paused = true but keep the music playing?
  3. Hello, I'm trying to animate particles while the game.paused is true. I've already managed to get tweens to animate when the game is paused by using (Typescript): pauseUpdate() { console.log("updating during pause"); this.game.tweens.update();}This works fine for tweens and you can see the function being called in the log window: But when I use pauseUpdate() { console.log("updating during pause"); this.game.tweens.update(); this.game.particles.update();}My particles pause with the game and don't start until the pause is over. I had a look at the code in the game update function as shown here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3144-paused-problem/?hl=%2Bpaused+%2Bparticles#entry20378 and it looks like I should be able to update the particles manually - do I need to call any other functions to make the particles render?
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