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Found 3 results

  1. I created a simple particle class to use in the space shooter I'm working on. It's a 105-line class available for elementary particle effects, though it can't do everything an advanced widget library does. You can download from gitlab or below and use it in all your hobby and commercial projects. Cheers. The test video is in the link below. shitty-pixi-particle.js
  2. Hi , question about GC or how i can clean canvas2d object after use method generateCanvasTexture game use PIXI.WebGLRenderer - only PixiJs version 4.8.2 (this my pain, but i can`t up pixijs to v5) on class this.view:PIXI.Sprite .... on sometimes i need redraw data on view this.texture,1); this.view.texture = this.texture; on next time try to clean this.texture, remove from PIXI.Texture.removeFromCache this.texture .destroy(true); delete this.texture ; but debug console in Safari (tab Canvas) show all Canvas wich created on method generateCanvasTexture, but they never destroyed on memory How i can do clean up memory on it?
  3. Guys, how can i move a container smoothly. i had tried to move it with TweenMax, but unsatisfied . here is a part of my codes for reading(without TweenMax). forwardButton .on("touchstart", e => { let arg = 10, move = 0; this.timer = setInterval(() => { this.scenesStage.x += arg }, 200); }) .on("touchend", e => { clearInterval(this.timer); }) And here is the codes (with TweenMax) forwardButton .on("touchstart", e => { let arg = 10, move = 0; this.timer = setInterval(() => {,1,{x: `+=${-(arg + 40)}`}) }, 200); }) .on("touchend", e => { clearInterval(this.timer); }) to hope your help.