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Found 4 results

  1. Not sure if anyone is interesting on this. I am currently trying to develop a new way to reasonably *protect* full Javascript code, and just out of curiosity: can you actually rip this? [ https://imersiva.com/security_test ] Probably an easy task for some people, who knows, rippers get very creative some times. I am not worrying about the WebGL shader code for now, but just the Javascript part. Are you able to rip that program completely and run it on your own machine or anywhere else? Thanks. =)
  2. Hello everyone, I noticed a weird trend as soon as we start talking about code protection issues within html5 games /simple-page applications . Everyone seems to say that "as soon as it is Javascript, you can't hide anything" . Meaning you can't prevent someone to uncover the hidden solution to level 5 by looking at your code, or simply to copy it. This spawns a lot of issues, especially piracy and game-design related. So, what are the most effective protection mechanisms you can add to your html5 game?
  3. So, I am currently building a multiplayer game, and havent run into any hackers yet, but need to know what to do in order to protect against them in the future. Basically, what could potential hackers change in the javascript source? I know people can right click and modify the source code then run it again locally, but that wont be connected the server so i dont care, but other than that i dont know what to look out for. Inventory data, locations of players etc are all stored on the server and I dont save anything on the players local side, is that all i really need to do in order to pre
  4. EDIT: 6 reasons to NOT use JSCRAMBLER (after massive testing): http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/5807-best-way-to-hide-javascript-code/?p=65903 And a shocking JScrambler performance test: http://jsperf.com/jscrambler/5 ________________________________________________________________________ I am just curious, how do you guys track where and how often your games are played? Also, which kind of protection, if any, do you use to protect / obfuscate your code? I wonder if there's a useful solution whithout harming performance too much...
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