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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, This is my first post on this forum 🙂 I am new to Babylon.js, and wanted to write a shader which writes its output to a render target, which I will use later as an input to another shader. My first question is:: How can I apply a single shader to all the meshes in the scene, without assigning the new materials to each mesh manually. In three.js there is a property called overrideMaterial in scene, which is helpful in such scenario. Is it possible in Babylon? My Second question is related to post processing. Is it possible to write the output of post processing shader to a render target, which then can be used as an input to another shader? I am sure the answer to above questions is yes, as Babylon looks a great Engine! Thanks in advance 🙂
  2. If we use MirrorTexture based reflections on any planer surface while using WebVRFreeCamera (And viewing in the VR HMD), reflected image is different for both the eyes. So it looks consistent and random. It can't be perceived to be a reflection. It looks like random artefacts. Because reflection is not matching. I am not able to imagine if the mirror texture should be obtained differently for both the eyes using two camera rig (Currently Babylon seems to be doing that ) or obtained reflection texture should be same for both the eyes. If it does need to be obtained two two camera rig (separate reflectionTexture for both eyes, then maybe the two camera rig has some position issue and position for internal mirrorTexture capture cameras need to be corrected. But mirrorTexture is wrong while checking in VR HMD is what I can tell. @RaananW , Mentioning you because of WebVRFReeCamera.