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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, First of all thank you for Babylon.JS, it is a wonderful library and a pleasure to code with it I am working on a game project and I need to display textures with a 'nearest neighbour' sampling mode (pixelated effect). Babylon.JS theoretically offers this possibility, but I could not manage to get it working. Here is a playground illustrating my modest struggle: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1IKIXK#2 Left cube's texture is created with the NEAREST_SAMPLINGMODE parameter, while the right one uses TRILINEAR_SAMPLINGMODE. In my browser (Chrome v38), there is absolutely no visi
  2. I searched in the forums and the unique thing was this: Is there anyway to easily set for the render/scene all that we need for get sharp pixels? I can turn off the Antialias for the rendering. But there is anyway to set Nearest.Samplingmode or turn off the image smoothing, anisoptric filtering or other default filters of Babylon.JS ? In the same way i can turn off the antialias is there anyway to turn off that filters in one function?
  3. so I have a 2x128 vertical gradient, I do that to reduce the spritesheet size. What I want is to stretch the sprite to 64x128. When I created a sprite out of it, I notice it having a weird incorrect width. When I do, sprite.width = 64, it doesn't go to 64 px. And when I use a huge number to force it to 64px on screen, it uses the wrong sampling where it tries to interpolate the pixel across the x direction using the pixel above and below. How can I resolve this ?
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