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Found 7 results

  1. In Phaser 2, there was a simple parameter you could set to disable antialiasing/smoothing, but i cannot disable it in Phaser 3. I assumed it should be in the config object like this, but it did not work: const config = { width: window.innerWidth, height: window.innerHeight, parent: 'canvas', type: Phaser.AUTO, physics: { default: 'arcade', arcade: { gravity: {y: 0}, debug: true } }, scene: [ Preloader, Game ], antialias: false }; const game = new Phaser.Game(config); Is there another way to disable it? I found "game.config.antialias" in the phaser.js file, but i tried with "false" and "0", nothing worked. I also found it in the WebGLRenderer.js file and it looks like it should be a boolean - but still, it did not work. I tested it with <canvaselement>.getContext('webgl').getContextAttributes().antialias and the value is always true.
  2. I've made a simple shader that uses cubemaps, it renders flawlessly in PC but it has AA problems in a highend mobile device. Any idea about what could be happening?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm using the Graphics stuff from the dev version of Pixi.js. I can draw a circle by doing this: var graphics = new PIXI.Graphics();graphics.lineStyle ( 2 , 0x000000, 1);graphics.beginFill(this.colour);graphics.drawCircle(this.position[0], this.position[1], this.radius); But I was wondering if it is possible to draw it with antialiasing? I note it looks like the webgl contexts are created with {antialias:true} by Pixi. Do I need to make a PNG of a circle? That's less ideal for changing the colours. Thanks, Matt
  4. I have tried my game on both Chrome and Safari. On Chrome I think it turns on antialias automatically without setting antialias to true. My game frame rate is about 24 - 30 FPS. On Safari if I turn off antialias the frame rate is 55 - 60 FPS, but with "antialias = true" my game frame rate drops to 40 FPS and game play become very slow. But if I don't use antialias on Safari all the PIXI Graphics will have jagged edges. Is there anything I can do about that?
  5. Hi, What's the best approach to avoid anti-alias (blurred pixels) when i scale my game? Thanks.
  6. I searched in the forums and the unique thing was this: Is there anyway to easily set for the render/scene all that we need for get sharp pixels? I can turn off the Antialias for the rendering. But there is anyway to set Nearest.Samplingmode or turn off the image smoothing, anisoptric filtering or other default filters of Babylon.JS ? In the same way i can turn off the antialias is there anyway to turn off that filters in one function?
  7. Hello guys! I develop a small game. Really, its size is 90x160 pixels I scale it with Phaser scaling stuff. So i get a nice retro look. But there is something which went really wrong. It is the text. If i use simple game.add.text with Arial or using a bitmapText doesen't matters. There is always some kind of anti-alias or smoothing. Is there a way to get a Text crispy with hard edges? For a better understanding i have attached a screenshot. Tom
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