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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have trouble with the mesh selection phase, which takes too long and therefor causes frame rates around 30 FPS. My scene contains roughly 2000 meshes, most of them empty (just used as containers or transformations). I do not know, if that is considered too much. Anyhow, using freezeActiveMeshes (thanks for adding this) to disable the mesh selection phase solves my problem, because the actual rendering of the scene is quite fast, even with all meshes activated. I therefore want to unfreezeActiveMeshes whenever the scene was changed and to freezeActiveMeshes as soon as possible. I tho
  2. Hi all. I am trying to apply different optimizations on my big complex scene with 4000 meshes and 40000 instances. The scene is very complex (12.5M vertices ) My idea is to combine diferent optimization methods probided by babylon. AUTOLOD+MESHSUBDIVIDE+OCTREES+SCENEOPTIMIZATION. My main problem is that when I try to apply the scene optimization method SceneOptimizerOptions.HighDegradationAllowed I always get the message that the optimization has been successfully but many times the scene is cleaned and the number of scene total vertices decrease until 0. I thi
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