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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am applying texture using my own uv2. This is the texture applied on a sphere (normal map): And this is the texture: So my problem is that on border of each parts there are seams due to the interpolation between one texel colored and another one at Color4(0,0,0,0). This is causing void then black till the right one value. I could expand the border of one texel (dilatation) to fix that but this is increasing padding in my texture... So first I would like to know if there is another way to cancel this interpolation. Thanks !
  2. Hello, So i made some sort of birch'ish tree and noticed strongly visible white edges on the foliage. img1 Also another issue is with the trunk. You can see a vertical darker line where i put marked the seam in blender. The reason the picture above is kinda small is because the vertical line there is more visible then. i tried to create some margin for the trunk but it didn't help at all. img2 Any hints to fix these issues? EDIT: tested in edge -browser and didn't get the white edge issue. got those white borders with chrome. Seems like edge is good handling edges EDIT2: enlarged the texture margin by insane amount (around 10px). This fixed the seam issue, but the foliage issue still stands. EDIT3: Added some sharpness to the foliage texture, and noted it only made the white edges worse. By adding a bit of blur behind the foliage texture drastically reduced the white edge thingies. The difference between blurry and sharp edges in chrome (img3). I do not know if this is a common thing to know, but was completely new to me - thanks, eljuko