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Found 2 results

  1. hi everyone I want to make a online game, so I need to run the game at the same time in local (browser) and on a server (nodejs), on the server, all the code must be executed, except the canvas rendering. any clue where to start? PD: the biggest problem I see is that the objects that leave the screen, by default are no longer evaluated.
  2. Hello everyone! So I want to start using babylon.js and I want to calculate the collison on the server (so I guess I need no rendering, only calculating with meshs loaded by loaders). For that I would use node.js for server-side javascript. The question is, is it possible to use babylon with node.js since node.js is using their module.export way to include other files? Anyone tried it out? I tried it with normal npm install babylonjs but when I require the babylon files with node.js I only get errors like navigator objects is not defined. If anyone knows more on this topic I would be interested to hear (since I am a noob)! greets~
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