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Found 1 result

  1. Trying to upgrade a working game I wrote on an earlier version of BabylonJs. The code below uses 4.0.0-alpha.9 (having struggled somewhat to get the latest 3.3 to work with Oimo.js). I get an error in Chrome: here's the offending code in Chrome … and here's the earlier place where billboard gets defined If I comment out the 7 lines where I setPhysicsState and the 6 lines where I setLinearVelocity, the scene loads ok. If I comment out line 356 I get a similar error from 357. I'm thinking that my BABYLON.Mesh.CreatePlane doesn't have a setPhysicsState method any more and setLinearVelocity could have disappeared too. Thanks so much. Simon P.S. Great to see all the recent babylonjs activity, it's a fantastic creation, I didn't realize that this was happening from my use of Nuget Package Manager within Visual Studio until I started to dig deeper.