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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I have created a custom mesh like this: new BABYLON.Mesh("custom", this.scene) And after added simplify() method, nothing has been changed. I have created a playground for testing this issue. As you can see, the same settings in simplify() method change the structure of sphere, but do not change my custom mesh: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#JT9SFV#4 Is it a bug, or it is impossible to add simplify() method to custom mesh?
  2. This is one simple question but I haven't found an answer in the doc or here so I ask When I simplify a mesh and clone it after. Will my cloned mesh be simplified too or not? And have I to wait for the mesh to be simplified before cloning it to have the simplification on it? Thanks, Pichou
  3. I was trying to figure out why I was getting a javascript error when I added auto lod to my scene, no matter what mesh I used, even simple sphere like in demo for the simplification auto lod system, the error was: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'position' of undefinedbabylon.2.2.max.js:29038 Geometry.getVertexBufferbabylon.2.2.max.js:29017 Geometry.getVerticesDatababylon.2.2.max.js:9812 CollisionCoordinatorWorker.SerializeGeometrybabylon.2.2.max.js:9635 CollisionCoordinatorWorker.onGeometryUpdatedbabylon.2.2.max.js:9765 CollisionCoordinatorWorker.onGeometryAddedbabylon.2.2.max.js:13320 Scene.pushGeometrybabylon.2.2.max.js:29145 Geometry.applyToMeshbabylon.2.2.max.js:28934 Geometrybabylon.2.2.max.js:15124 Mesh.setIndicesbabylon.2.2.max.js:32330 QuadraticErrorSimplification.reconstructMeshbabylon.2.2.max.js:32185 (anonymous function) So I went through process of elimination and finally found it had to do with physics and then I found it wasn't the physics engine I was using but the command: scene.workerCollisions = true; As long as that one line is commented out auto lod works fine! This isn't a big upset yet, but I will like to take advantage of the workerCollisions at some point, but for now can just leave it off. To replicate this, simply enable basic collisions in any demo and add workerCollisions and then try the auto lod.
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