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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'd like to import a blender animation (a simple plane skinned to a single bone) via glTF into BJS-sandbox, but it looks weird, I get a black animated triangle. To keep it simplest as possible, I removed the texture in the attached GLTF-file. Please can someone help or provide a functional sample (gltf or ideally in blender format) Thanks in advance armature.gltf
  2. Hi, I'm playing with a wearables system to load clothes pieces and associate them with a baseMesh's skeleton (not unlike the XBox avatar stuff). There should be two models, one clapping and one cheering. They should be wearing different wearables (loaded during runtime and set via wearableMesh.skeleton = baseMesh.skeleton) I've run into a weird issue on devices that run out of uniforms for skinned models. Works great on my desktop (Chrome), but on my Nexus 6, I see shader compiler errors and messages that say it will fall back to CPU skinning. The CPU fallback doesn't work, though. The end result is the skeletons are not associated properly with the skinned mesh pieces (wearables). Which parts are wrong varies from load to load. The same thing happens on other mobile devices that have to fallback. I understand that I can reduce the number of bones in a mesh to ensure I take advantage of GPU skinning (and I will eventually), but CPU fallback should work, right? Is there something else I'm doing wrong? Thanks! Edit: A much cleaner example, just loading the same file twice