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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm developing a quick framework to let at risk inner city youth design video game levels for a workshop I am leading next week. I have been playing around with phaser for about a month and I've got a decent handle of P2 and Arcade, but as I looked closer to what I'd need to be able to do to let the kids just draw levels on paper and then transfer that into a framework I've settled on Ninja because it allows for bounds, one way platforms and the overlay callback which lets them include some pretty standard platformer mechanics that I predict they'll want to include. So I am just having a little bit of trouble getting the slopemap to work with a tilemap. I am using the default ninja tilemap and then I am planning to import the art the kids draw overtop of the tiles so it looks like their characters are walking on the actual sprites. I am having a hell of a time actually getting this to work. Any help would be appreciated. The limited examples for Ninja physics is really draining. I really want to have a working prototype by the time I present the workshop. I'm going to be asking a lot of questions this week because I really want to present something fun for the kids to fuel their interest in computers (which are awesome) Cheers