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Found 3 results

  1. hello, Phaser 3: I use this code for a simple text input to get the value of it on ENTER press event: enterE = this.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Input.Keyboard.KeyCodes.ENTER); but as chrome and some other mobile browsers user "go" instead of "enter", the above event does not trigger! is there any keyCode other than ENTER for that ?? or should use jquery??
  2. Hi, I haven't yet had sucess in reading the text field value from a text_input widget and set the string value as a variable I can send to other functions. Can you provide an example of getting the value of a text_input widget assigned as a variable? Also, I need to make sure that pressing the Enter key on my keyboard doesn't execute a return - even when my mouse curser is hovering over the field, as I need to get the text_input values from several widgets using a GUI button click. So if you have time, I would be eternally grateful if you might either provide a code example for setting the widget properly without a return on Enter, and to get the string value from an image button to make certain I'm creating the text_input correctly? Or if you have a link to any updated demo or page with this widget included, perhaps the demo will show me what I'm doing incorrectly. I searched GitHub, but haven't seen an updated demo in a few months, and couldn't locate any reference to a text_input in the "src" or any other directory/file. I also require a slider control for a video player I have. I suppose I could pick an image button and drag, but there's so much else to build into this as well. Have you built a slider control in bGUI? Thank you, DB
  3. Hello, Does anyone have any experience using bGUI or CastorGUI to create a text input window object? I am using both GUI extensions for my current app development, and they work together beautifully (I had help from Dad72 to impliment them both together in one scene.) I've reviewed the documentation for both GUI extensions, and have not been able to properly input the parameters for either extension to create a simple GUI object by which the user can type into and the text can be used in the app. In bGUI, I know how to use the text once it's in a GUI object (as the documentation is clear), but I have not been able to generate a GUI text window in either extension as I am not providing the necessary parameters and/or not using the correct syntax. I haven't looked closely enough at the CastorGUI documentation for using the text in my app, but I'm sure it's just as clear once I can actually create a text input window object. So if anyone has experience with creating text fields to type text using either the CastorGUI or bGUI extensions, could you please provide a working line of code for either extension as and example? Of course, I welcome Temechon and Dad72 to reply to this post. And if you know the command to use the text from a CastorGUI text input object, this would be valuable as well. The documentation for both extensions appear clear, but I've yet to be able to get either to create a text input window object. By the way, as I previously mentioned, you don't need to choose between the two GUI extensions, as they can easily be used together - and they both offer fantastic tools to easily create GUI objects and functions for those objects - so I highly recommend both CastorGUI and bGUI so you can focus on your scene, and not waste a bunch of time integrating your own GUI. Thank you, DB
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