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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, This post is not a question, but is information that I would have found invaluable prior to my having problems playing video on mobile devices - practically all mobile devices. I wanted to create a seperate post for everyone to read, as the post where this dialogue has taken place is labled "console errors." I have been working on an app which relies heavily on playing video files and specifically video textures. I found that almost 2 months ago, I had no problem playing video files and the associated audio on desktops and laptops no problem; but I could not get my video files to playback on most all mobile devices - both Android and Apple phones and tablets. Although at the time, I wasn't focused on inding a solution, as I had other features to build into the application to finish it, and believed that solving video playback on mobile devices wouldn't be much of a problem. So over the past 2 months I spent time each week to try and solve the fact that I couldn't get any video files to play back on my Android tablet, without finding a solution. But now that I have most all features built in the app, I needed to find a solution to be able to take the app into beta testing now as the app is designed to be a mobile app and wouldn't run on most tablets and phones - practically none. As I had used most all available applications to encode and convert video files to .webm and .ogv files for playback on mobile, I began to believe that it was either a bug in babylon.js, or a conflict in my lengthy scripts. So I worked for days trying to find the cause of the problem, and certainly went to the BJS forum where many highly experienced users attempted to help me troubleshoot and solve the video playback problem. However, neither the balon.js community or I could get any video file or format to play on most mobile devices - with the exception of audio playback on some files. So when I was completely lost a couple of days ago, I thought I would focus on analyzing the video files and formats themselves, to make certain that I could rule out video encoding and file conversion. After spending more than 2 days, I finally found that the problem had nothing to do with my scripting or with babylon.js, but that it was an encoding and file format issue. Now I have video and audio playback working on every device I and my friends are able to test, as well as every browser and OS version. Again, I wanted to post this as a new thread, since many users will most likely overlook this discovery and information, since the post where this occured says nothing about video in the title and tags. And I hope that no one else will ever need to face the problems of having no solution or available resources to solve the problem of video palyback on mobile devices. The following is the solution as a quote directly from the post where I and several other users spent considerable time and dialogue over several days with no solution we could find: I hope that this is valuable info for users now and in the future, and that no one else needs to spent any time troubleshooting video playback on any device or display. Cheers, DB
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