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Found 2 results

  1. HmaServ provides DDoS protected VPS & Dedicated hosting in ( USA & UK ) . We provide free DDoS protection upto a level of 40 Gbps to all our customers. We supervise your server on a 24/7 basis by constantly monitoring the incoming packets for any sign of DDoS attack. We provide DDoS protection against the various levels of DDoS attacks including layer 3, 4 and 7,no worry after now we will host your Game Server or Website and protect it as well with good budget our packages: UK-1 4 GB Ram 50 GB HD 2 Cores 1 GB Network DDOS Protected Unlimited Traffic (fair usage) Advanced Control Panel Price:22$ ==================================== UK-2 5 GB Ram 70 GB HD 2 Cores 1 GB Network DDOS Protected Unlimited Traffic (fair usage) Advanced Control Panel Price:38$ ==================================== UK-3 6 GB Ram 100 GB HD 2 Cores 1 GB Network DDOS Protected Unlimited Traffic (fair usage) Advanced Control Panel Price:50$ ==================================== UK-4 8GB Ram 150 GB HD 3 Cores 1 GB Network DDOS Protected Unlimited Traffic (fair usage) Advanced Control Panel Price:70$ Please visit here: https://hmaserv.com/vps?basic For any question please send us mail here: [email protected]
  2. Hi guys! For a while now I am building a MMORPG in Node JS and HTML5. So far so good and things run fine on my laptop. But I am facing serious latency issues while running my game from my Virtual Private Server. For example, the ping locally is 0.01ms and the ping to my server is 30ms-40ms. A big difference but that difference is causing my game not to run smoothly at all. I figured I made a mistake with the way I communicate from the client to the server since I see a lot of different techniques. But I am facing the edge right now, I do not know what way to go and how to solve these latency issues. Google brought up some decent results but none that really helped me. I'll add my two most important files down here so you guys can have a look. To give you an idea how I work, this is how I am doing it right now. On the VPS there are 4 Node JS apps running in the background. These are (in my terminology) a database server, a resource server, an authentication server and of course, the game server. I'll explain their functionality down here: - The database server is a secured app that holds all game data. Like players, items, monsters, e.t.c. The server has several routes built in like /getallcharacters (fictive bytheway) which will return a JSON object of all characters in the game. - The authentication server is also secured. It is seperated from the game because it was meant to be the only place where users can send their sign in data to. I based it on OAuth bytheway because it works similar. You send your username and password in a request and you'll get a token in return if your credentials are valid. It is also this token that can be used to return your account id. Which in return is being used by the data server to get specific account information. So with other words, when you request player-specific or even sensitive data from the data server, it will ask for your token instead of some number. This is done for security reasons. - The resource server is just a place where I gather all images, audio and such. Those can be accessed from anywhere. I really really hope anyone can help me with this. Oh and before anyone starts saying I should not just jump right into a MMORPG project. I got 10 years of programming experiences and I know my theories about networking and such. My own diagnoses are that I made some code design mistake. I just do not know what I can do to improve it. Any help would be really really appreciated! -TheBoneJarmer map.js server.js
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