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Found 3 results

  1. Hello every babylonian, I'm coding for an afterwork a little game with babylonjs http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#21IMDW#8, http://animatum3d.jessicaguillot.fr/ with fog, vrdeviceorientationfreecamera, and some boxes, my mates and I have been looking for ways of explanation regarding our 12fps. from 250 units meshes to clones no improvement I adjust the number of clones to 250 instead of 1000 but biggers, no results I cut in half the size of the scene from 1000 to 500, nothing happend I commented the mirror material on the clones, nothing First we thought of having trees instead of theses boxes, but considering the fps number we are not sure about importing meshes or doing the tree generation thing as their is two meshes each times instead of one for us. The goal of the game is to find a rabbit somewhere, but it is already so low on our smatphone already that we kept on a small design. Perhaps we are all wrong or on the wrong way but you're not and you will have for sure great ideas to improve it and make it great we still want to add sounds coming from everywhere for the immersive experience with headset and VR glasses and a rabbit but first we need to fix the fps thing first, thank you for the help, the library, the fog whom looks awesome and your help again, btw new playgroung looks great, fullscreen a bit tricky at first on smartphone... thanks again, Jessica
  2. Hey there, I noticed that the DeviceOrientationCamera start direction is different when the users device is in portrait vs landscape mode. Portrait is correct, where as Landscape is off to the right when compared to other cameras. Is there any way I can sync these two up without moving objects in my scene? The same issue occurs with VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera. Sidenote: I did see resetToCurrentRotation() in babylon 2.5 but it doesnt resolve this issue. Thanks!
  3. I am currently working on a game for the Google Cardboard with the VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera. Everything is working great except that the camera isn't very smooth when using the VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera object compared to the standard FreeCamera object. I have already tried playing around with the speed and inertia properties but they don't appear to have any affect in the VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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