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  1. I have followed almost all courses for three.js and babylon.js game programming on Udemy and have created several small games in Unity3D aswell. Most of the courses are targeted at beginners and/or are very brief. Regardless of the high price tag, are there any indepth advanced HTML5 3D game programming courses for three.js or babylon.js?
  2. Please bear with me, I am completely new to game networking. Any help and improvise in this question will be appreciated!!! I have been playing around with BJS (babylon.js) for a while now, wanting to make a real-time multiplayer game. I have been searching around the web about game networking, and read this: https://github.com/gafferongames/gafferongames/blob/master/content/post/what_every_programmer_needs_to_know_about_game_networking.md It gave me a clear idea of how should I go ahead. But in all the forums, I hear people saying game networking is very hard, not to waste
  3. hi all; i am trying to draw dynamic line by selecting mouse picking points and also i want to show the length(size) above the line. How i can achieve this is it possible in babylon.js..?kindly suggest me some test case to achieve this.. thanks
  4. Hello, I can teach you using Skype. If you share your screen I can tell you what you need to install and press. I can show you how to: set breakpoints in VSCode in the project with a few files. We will use AMD and RequireJS bundle your source files to use them in Browser. We will use Browserify and UglifyJS compile Node.js server TypeScript scripts connect your server with client that is written in pure WebGL, Phaser, Pixi.js, Three.js or Babylon.js write Jasmine Specs (Unit Tests) for client and server set breakpoints in Jasmine Specs deploy
  5. Hello, I thought to place this on the demos and projects thread, however I decided to post this here as it is more a topic for which framework to use and why. I was hired by an elite software development group at Sony Electronics to help them navigate through WebGL to build a pipeline to deliver content for the South By Southwest convention and to create a foundation to quickly develop games and online media for future projects. In short, I was tasked to escape the limitations of 2D media and help Sony move forward into 3D content taking advantage of the WebGL rendering standards. T
  6. Hi there I downloaded Blender 2.8 with the new GLTF exporter. Now i'm stuck and my babylon.js script won't open the 3d model anymore. If i drop the model in the three.js viewer it looks fine, an old model made with blender 2.79 works fine also in babylon.js but the new GLTF (separate) does not. Here's the console of the chrome browser: Thank you
  7. For now, I'm basically just trying to understand some of the code behind the "drag and drop" sample in the Babylon.js playground. I would eventually like to create a 3d arcade style game, starting here by being able to move the meshes around WITHOUT the camera moving. But first things first tho, I need to understand the code thats here. I've read as much of the documentation and tutorials as I could, and I didn't see any previous post really related to what I'm looking for. There's are some things I dont get with the event listeners: getGroundPosition(), onPointerDown, onPointerMove. I al
  8. My Babylon.js scene was working finely yesterday...but today it showing me following errors. I definitely tell that this error is due to babylon.gui.js file. I have imported the scripts in following manner. and I used it to create gui as: var advancedTexture = BABYLON.GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI("UI"); Please help me with this..how can I resolve the error and get my scene working smoothly..?? Thanks if you can help me..!
  9. I have created an 3D model of a HPC cluster rack using Blender and I have successfully loaded that moel in Babylon.js with animations. All is working fine. But I want to have a mouse hover effect on my model which will pop out the text/label of particular mesh. How I can achieve it, please give me some idea..!!
  10. Hi, We are looking for Phaser (remote) html5 game developer if anybody interested please send us email on info@genieee.com Thank you
  11. My aim is to render a 3D model on a web page and change its textures. I am using Babylon.js for the same. So far I am able to render the 3D model and change its texture but I am stuck in end beautification of the final view also known as post processing. I want to improve the quality of my rendered 3D model. I am enclosing the screenshot of what I have done(Figure 1) and what I want to achieve(Figure 2) so that you can get a clear picture of the issue.
  12. i have zip file contains multiple obj and mtl files on a node js server i was wondering how load the content of the obj files inside the zip file
  13. Hi, I'm new to the babylon.js. I've worked with Three.js and it was an awesome library. But I've realized that I cannot generate a mesh with points easily and there were limitations. Is there a feature in Babylon.js to generate a triangulated mesh with a pointcloud? You can view a sample pointcloud here. It's just a curved surface for the simplicity and a Three.js model. I just want to make know if this is possible to do with babylon.js https://codepen.io/brabbit640/pen/ZmpKpJ Thank you
  14. Hi, does anybody know a professional/real mobile game made with Three.js/Babylon.js/Playcanvas? It seems like no one is betting for these technologies and goes for Unity or similar.
  15. Dear all, we are working on this platform that is in Babylon.js and React: http://grafos.website/grafos/ Unfortunately it works only on some mobile devices but not on all. How can we fix this? We had the basic model in Three.Js and it worked fine across mobile devices but we achieved all our functionality in Babylon. How can we make it work like this: https://www.grafosdesign.com/3dVisual_Interact/BioracerDEMO/index.html Thank you for you ideas/input Cristina
  16. A part of my game's post-process render pipeline: Downscale render to 25% size Do some post-processing on the downscaled image Pass both the image before step 1 and the image after step 2 into a GLSL fragment shader with effect.setTextureFromPostProcessOutput(...) Fragment shader outputs the low-res processed image overlaid on top of the original high-res render Problem: The final render is pixelated. I guess the initial downscale made it so the shader doesn't use the higher-res input texture as the "base resolution"? What's going on here? How do I properly set
  17. The default bloom post process extracts all pixels brighter than a threshold, blurs that image, and overlays it onto the original render. The problem is that it simply adds the RGB values of the 2 images together, resulting in already bright areas becoming way too bright. I want to use BABYLON.Engine.ALPHA_MAXIMIZED as the blend mode for bloom. How do I do that? Do I need to write a whole new bloom shader from scratch?
  18. Hello BJS community, I wrote and submitted the first Wikipedia article for babylon.js late last year. I've submitted it to Wikipedia twice now, and the last time they had reviewed it and I was told it should only be a week or two and it would be approved and posted. Even today, when I look at my submission online, it is still pending. I've communicated with several advisors for Wikipedia the past 3 months since they changed their submission tools, but no one has been able to truly assist as of yet. I believe I got caught in the middle of their switching the submission methods - which is w
  19. Hi everybody! Is It possible to create an online editor with babylon.js where users could create their own meshes and send the object by e-mail? Thank you so much in advance!
  20. wn voFolks, I am currently using phaser js but now i am try to implement babylonjs, I need to create stage 720*480 static stage that will not transferred into 3D. Stage should be STILL. An it is responsive based on the aspect ratio of the browser or the screen. I tried various option but i didnt get any success. Thank in ADVANCED
  21. There are two buttons in my page for switching to ArcRotate camera and to Universal camera. When I click the button for Universal camera, it immediately switches to the same. But it always takes too many clicks on the ArcRotate camera button in order to switch to it. Why is it so? var cameraType = { FREE: 0, ARCROTATE: 1, WALKTHROUGH: 2, UNIVERSAL: 3 }; var cameraMode = { PERSPECTIVE: 0, ORTHOGRAPHIC: 1 }; this.setCameraAsArcRotate = function () { _cameraType = cameraType.ARCROTATE; }; this.setCameraAsUniversal = function () { _cameraType = cameraType.UNI
  22. While importing meshes designed in software like Autocad and Blender, I noticed that the color of a previously imported mesh is getting applied to many meshes that are later imported. Then I realized that that this is due to conflicting material IDs. Is there a way to modify material ID of an imported mesh or is there any other solution to this problem?
  23. Hey all, Something wired happens when I am using createInstance API of the Mesh class Please check this https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XSCH6V#2 An instance and a clone are created in the callback from the loaded meshes. The clone looks perfect, but the instance renders differently after I have tried backFaceCulling = false and flipFaces. So my question is how can I create an instance that looks the same as the one I get from clone()? Thanks a lot.
  24. Hello all Sorry for my bad english in advance . I have a littel issue with GUI and I want to understand why it works like taht . What is the issue ? I made this function : function vecToLocal (vector, mesh){ var m = mesh.getWorldMatrix(); var v = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(vector, m); return v; } class Raycast { constructor() { } doorOpener(letHit, myGUI, scene){ this.scene = scene; var origin = player.position; var forward = new BABYLON.Vector3( 0, 0, 1,); forward = vecToLocal(forward, player); var direction
  25. Hey everyone I'm back! I have a mesh that rotates around the Y axis whenever I click and drag along the screen: var currRotationY = 0, currPositionX = 0, clicked = false, originalRotation; canvas.addEventListener("pointerdown", function(evt) { currPositionX = evt.clientX; currRotationY = player.mesh.rotation.y; originalRotation = player.axis.rads; clicked = true; }); canvas.addEventListener("pointermove", function(evt) { if (!clicked) return; //player.mesh is my mesh player.mesh.rotation.y = currRotationY + (evt.clientX - currPositionX) / 500.0; }); canvas.addEventListener("p
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