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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to rotate or change the orientation of the web vr camera programmatically. I am using the WinMR controllers. The base codes are from the sponza/mansion teleportation where we can change the camera position. I wonder if it's possible to change the camera orientation using thumbstick as well (like teleportation in the cliff house). Setting the camera's rotation (x, y, z) does not seem to make any impact. There has to be a way right ? Please help. Thanks
  2. I have a question about mouse/camera acceleration in conjunction with WebVRFreeCamera: If I move the mouse (or the headset) constantly slow, there is a very small movement in the scene. If I begin accelerating (mouse or headset), the camera also begins accelerating and deccelerates after I stop input movements. The end position differs mostly if I move forward and backward the same amount but in different speeds. This is very unhandy using a headset, constant moving should always result in a constant moving of the camera regardless of the speed. So the question: where can I tweak the camera movement/damping or even better, disable accelerating? Thanks in advance. PS: Windows mouse accelerating is disabled. Tweaking camera.angularSensibilityX/Y does'nt fix my problem You can test the effect with the mouse, move from left to right with slow sped and back with a higher speed using this playground the start and end position of the scene differs then.
  3. Checking in to see the support for WebVR in the current edition of Babylon. Currently, Babylon doesn't see WebVR enabled on my copy of Google Chrome (Canary) or Firefox nightly., and recognized but no working in Chromium experimental build (Feb 7). Currently, the Chromium build with Babylon 3.0 alpha blows up with some undefineds: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'x' of undefined at Matrix.getTranslationToRef (babylon.max.js:2817) With Babylon 2.5, you get a stereo screen in Chromium...but the Vive does not respond - does not show the stereo scene on the desktop window. Advice on any browser or SteamVR setting which will enable the headset appreciated!
  4. hi everyone, I look through the forum to see if anyone has worked on a babylonJS example that involved the use of WebVRFreeCamera with Samsung GearVR(with their phone device attached to the gear mini usb), since GearVR's internet browser "Samsung Internet" has webvr supported. But what I found mostly are people suggested using VRDeviceOrientationCamera for GearVR instead, which is using mobile screen as the vr display. So my question is as stated in the title: is it possible to just create a WebVRFreeCamera in the BJS scene for webvr experience to be worked on GearVR? I also found this example which uses Three.js and the webvr api, which I tested on gearVR's samsung internet and it works, but I had never learned Three.js before and I am keen to continue working on a babylon.js scene instead.
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