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Adapt CYOS for live coding


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I'm a VJ, I spent the last 2 years in the Cinder C++ framework for creative coding, building my pixel shader app, which uses Spout for texture sharing between apps.


I got a fantastic idea to make an extension to it:

Adapt CYOS to be a live coding environment for the visuals!


It involves several tweaks:

  • as the audience of VJ shows are expecting a fullscreen render of the output, I need to find a way to send the current edited pixel shader to my C++ app (via node.js I guess)
  • each character typed in the editor should trigger a compilation of the shader, without having to press the "Compile" (play) button, then if it compiles without errors, sending the pixel shader to the C++ app
  • rename the uniform variables to have the same names as shadertoy (uniform sampler2D textureSampler becomes uniform sampler2D iChannel0 for instance)

It means it could run on any recent device in a supported browser to control a VJ show locally on remotely.


Let me know what you think and if you want to get involved.



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