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Can't scale sprite body using tween


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I am using a tween to scale a sprite from small to large, then yoyo-ing back to small. When the sprite scales, the body does not. I used setCircle to set a circle shaped body, if that makes a difference. I am also using P2 physics. Will I have to keep calling setCircle throughout the tween to make sure the body is the right size? Is there a way to scale the body through tweening or when the sprite is scaled?

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you need to scale the shape of the body.. you can acces the shape for example by putting it on a var on the first place..

myshape = player.body.seCircle(20);

but there are other ways too.. i guess something like

player.body.data.shapes[0]; should also work..

but.. there are other obstacles coming with shape changes.. it's not that easy

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Thanks! Both of those responses really helped me figure it out. My tween looks like this:

var speed = 1500;var multi = 3.5;var rad = sprite.body.data.shapes[0].radius;game.add.tween(sprite.scale).to(    {y: multi, x: multi}, speed, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true).repeat(Number.MAX_VALUE).yoyo(true);game.add.tween(sprite.body.data.shapes[0]).to(    {radius: rad * multi}, speed, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true).repeat(Number.MAX_VALUE).yoyo(true);

Then, in update I run the following to see the body update during debug:


Thanks again for all the help!

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