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CocoonJs-Launcher: game won't preload unless clicking a link first


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My current game has a nasty bug when being tested with the CocoonJS-launcher on my Nexus 5:

Instead of automatically preloading and starting, I need to click on a link first:


url removed


It works fine in the browser (phone and desktop) but not with the launcher.

Anybody know what might cause this?


Update: I use WebView+

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This will not solve your problem, but this is the first thing i saw:
You're using the DOM. CocoonJS ignores the whole dome except the js files 1 canvas and style with font-family.

mainstate: preload:


and so on... this code will not work since cocoonJS has no DOM.


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does CocoonJS outputs anything in the console?
For me mainState is running.

I'm not experienced in the use of jQuery with CocoonJS ~ does it matters if you comment the few lines of JQuery out - before loading - Do not know if it change anything.

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okay, I only run it trough iOS since that I have no android device available at my current location.
But I do not remember the console should look like this. ..
I also do not have received an update for - more than 2 month.

I will check again when I have an android device available.

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