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arm and leg super long....in babylon.js but not in blender


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I thought that the issue might be the weight painting benoit, but I looked at that and it seems ok.


I do notice that you have 6-7 animations in your animations library. Are you trying to export all of them at once ? No idea how babylon reacts to that.


Will investigate further on the weekend.


What is the source of your .bvh files? I ask because not all .bvh files import and work well with the MH rig. 


cheers, gryff :)

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I had a problem like this before but i found a solution


animations form blender work perfectly fine but only in condition that


in object mode position and rotation of mesh and the skeleton is (0,0,0) and scaling is (1,1,1)


like that http://i.gyazo.com/bd07a15a1257c8d60bec541e518f2477.png

you can move your mesh and bounes around in edit mode 

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Well benoit, I spent some time investigating this issue - trying to remember how I created the "Blue Lady"


The MakeHuman (MH) uses as a demo in their docs a Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) file 90-04 which is a cartwheel. So I thought go with that.


And here is my initial result:


Cartwheel 1


Stretching of the left foot. Now it looked OK in blender - but eventually i looked at the left foot bone (close up) - things were not quite what they seemed from a distance


Where the stretching seems to occur, in Blender the foot is actually upside down :o (see image below - look at toenails). And for whatever reason BJS shows that as this stretched mesh.


Continued close looking suggest that all four extremities are not behaving well (varying levels of irregularity)


Anyway, I deleted the key frames where the stretching was occurring for the left foot bone  and tweaked the right hand as well. Result here:


Cartwheel 2


 I'm not sure whether this represents an issue with the .bvh files themselves (your files are not exactly recent) or with limitations with the MakeWalk .bvh importer , or the BJS exporter does not handle problems well  ????


And I agree with solartistic - make sure you have bvh file at 0,0,0. Get bvhacker- I have v1.8. When you load a bvh file look for the buttons that say :"Center" and "NoOffset" Click those to get bvh at 0,0,0


cheers, gryff :)


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Thanx everybody.  It's seem that putting at 0,0,0, the bvh files have work with one of my model....  Thanx.  But I don't think it works well with the Makehuman Makewalk add-on.  I have try it but it's like if Babylon.js wasn't a big fan of Makehuman !!!!  I will continue investigate on that.....


Again thanx a lot for your help,


Benoit Gauthier

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 I have try it but it's like if Babylon.js wasn't a big fan of Makehuman !!!!  I will continue investigate on that.....


Me too Benoit. I've done it once - should be able to do it again - just got to remember the tweaks I used :o


I've also posted on the MakeHuman Forum though not much help so far.


Blender and MakeWalk Mesh Stretching Issue


cheers, gryff :)

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Well Benoit, here is a fix for the stretching issue - and a simple workflow for using MakeHuman, Blender and BJS.


Step 1. In MakeHuman, create your human figure (short/tall, fat /thin etc.), set the rig to "game rig" (32 bones), then export to Blender (.mhx format).


Step 2. Import your .mhx file into Blender (see first image below).  You need to have installed the MH "Blender Tools" addons.


Step 3. Load and Retarget your BVH file (the single button in red box below). Play the animation check that is running OK.


Errors do occur and sometimes the subject who was used to make the MoCap may have had a very different body shape to your 3d figure which may cause issues.  I also first load my BVH files into BVHacker to centre the figure, and in the case of the CMU files "half sample" a couple of times. You can also rename bones, remove bones merge bones to make the BVH file correspond more closely to your MH rig. Then save the file.


If you try exporting the animated figure now - it gives you the stretchy nonsense. You will see in the first image below that I have a Dopesheet panel open and set to Action Editor. You will see that there is a frame zero with the figure in a T-pose.


Step 4. Delete this key frame. From MakeHuman docs:


To calibrate the source and target armature against each other, MalkWalk introduces extra keyframes at frame 0


Step 5. Now you can export for BJS and the animations should be fine - no stretching. A couple of examples from the .BVH files you provided:


Spin Kick


Cossack Dance


Note: both these files have an interesting "rest pose" - not the standard T-pose but rather have the hands down by their sides (see second image below).  The MH "Load and Retarget" does a good job of handling this different "rest pose".


There are some small issues around the shoulders which probably can be tweaked in Blender.


I have tested with 6 different BVH files all worked nicely.


cheers, gryff :)




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Thanx Gryff it did the trick.... :)    But some of my .babylon file aren't loading sometimes.....  if it's possible to post a .blend file that do the correct export all the time that can be awesome


Good. :)


What does your web console say when files fail to load ?


Any particular BVH files of those you PMed me?


cheers, gryff :)

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 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://localhost/bluelady/elie1.babylon.manifest?1415217827603

BJS - [14:03:47]: Valid manifest file not found. Scene & textures will be loaded directly from the web server. babylon.js:3
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://localhost/bluelady/elie1.babylon
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < (index):1
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'notify' of undefined fo.min.js?v=2_3_613&b=dynamic&l=:126
Here it is.....
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