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state restart, group problem


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Hi! pls help with state restart. 

i wanna switch back from game to main menu.

after the switchback the groups of mainmenu are not exists.


this.game.game.state.start('MainMenu', true, false);


     this.menu_group = this.add.group();        this.menu_group.add(this.bg_popup);        this.menu_group.x = this.world.centerX;        this.menu_group.y = this.world.centerY-10;        this.add.tween(this.menu_group).to({y:this.world.centerY+10}, 2000, Phaser.Easing.Quadratic.InOut, true, 0, 10000, true);                this.menu_items_group = this.add.group();        this.menu_group.add(this.menu_items_group);        this.alap_group = this.add.group();        this.options_group = this.add.group();        this.credits_group = this.add.group();        this.menu_items_group.add(this.alap_group);        this.menu_items_group.add(this.options_group);        this.menu_items_group.add(this.credits_group);

ty for any advice


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okey i solved but it is not a nice solution.
i made a global var(mainmenuhelper = false)

at the mainmenu create function's start i check

if (mainMenuHelpBoolean == true) {            mainMenuHelpBoolean = false;            console.log(mainMenuHelpBoolean)            this.state.restart(); };

and when i want to go back to main menu i use the global var


if (this.life <= 0) {                    mainMenuHelpBoolean = true;                    this.game.game.state.start('MainMenu', false, false);  };

and now the groups are work

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