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Hi :)


So I have in my phaser game a text element (DOM).

When I set the scale mode of my game to SHOW_ALL and set it to fit the screen size, my canvas changes perfectly but the html element doesn't. 


I am trying for a while now to change the element scale according to my phaser canvas scale so the text will always stay at the position I want it to be and it's size to fit too, however, I can't find how to do it.

Of course, I need to the font size to change too.


any help?


Thank you :)


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I guess you have good motives not to directly integrate your text as a Phaser text component, but obviously it makes things harder. However I think you could use plain javascript or even Jquery to listen to the window-resizing event and modify your text dimensions when triggered : 


$(window).resize(function(){window.resizeGame();});function resizeGame() {  // Refresh the game size  game.scale.setShowAll();  game.scale.refresh();  // Resize your DOM elements here}
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