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How to use demos - blank screen.


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How do I get my demo files to work?  They are displaying blank screen. 

When I double-click on any demo html, it opens a blank file on the browser.  for example.  file:///C:/Users/name/Documents/GitHub/panda.js-demos/sprites.html.  is blank.  I notice that the html files have javascript src="src/engine/core.js"  but in the demo directory, I can't find engine folder.  Instead, I find engine file inside the src folder.  I guess because there isn't any engine folder, it's displaying a blank screen. 

I installed panda.js from NPM.  It looks like NPM save the files into users\name\appdata\roaming\npm\node_modules\pandatool\panda.js


I used the command 'panda start' to start web server, and npm starts the web server at http://localhost:5975/dev.html.  I see just a black rectangle on a white screen. No text or animation.  Do I need a special command  to close the panda web server from npm?


I cloned panda.js and also the demos from github. They are saved in separate folders:




Should I save the demos and panda engine in separate folders or one folder like: users/name/documents/github/panda.js/panda.js-demos? Should I save the demos in npm directory like users\name\appdata\roaming\npm\node_modules\pandatools\panda.js-demos?


Since panda does not require NPM, what advantage or difference does NPM offer?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.






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Hi @anotheruser299


Personally, I don't like messing around with web servers etc. I like the simples way possible and for me thats Mongoose -> https://code.google.com/p/mongoose/


Just download the Panda engine, unzip it and place the Mongoose executable inside the Panda folder (so it sits next to the index.html file).


I've had no trouble with things working smoothly this way :)


PS. I'm pretty sure the demos are 'self contained' and each comes with the engine etc.

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