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Camera and right distance to view an object


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Hello everyone!


As you can see here,




there's a little demo with all the features I need right now from BabylonJS...


For example, you can click on an element in the 3d scene or in the table on the right, and it becomes selected, both in 3d and in the table...


My question is... how much can i "zoom" to the selected mesh and keep it into view? I mean, I want very vertice of the mesh visible...


Thank you in advance!


P.S: If you have some tips about my code, don't hesitate to tell me! (Everything is in the index.html code) or general comments!

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Hello Deltakosh,


I have a question about the function you created...


1) Where do I have to use it?


From what I understand, I should use it in the scene.registerBeforeRender and if the function returns false, i call the .stop () function on the animatable returned by the scene.beginAnimation...


But doing so, I'd have, for every frame, an if that evaluates the mesh, even if there is no mesh to evalutate because I am not animating anything...


I mean, something like this:

if (mesh != null)      if (mesh.isCompletelyInFrustum () == false)           animatable.stop ();

Do you think would be possible to add a callback in the Animation like .onTick () that if returns false, stops the animation?


Or there are other ways?


2) Can I pass an array of meshes to the function, or only one?


Thanks in advance!

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