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Group scale & body scale


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Hey there, great framework you made!

But I have one problem. When I scale a group, every sprite gets rescaled, but the bodies attached to them are not. So I tried to scale the bodies with body.updateBounds(); But that didn't change anything. So I took a look in the code and I see, the updateBounds() method doesn't take the group scale into account, but just the sprite scale, which isn't directly affected by group scale.


Now I tried to copy the updateBounds() method and edit it, so it uses the scale I want. It seems to be working at first, but somewhere the body size is resetted and I end up with same unscaled bodies.



How am I supposed to do it correctly?
And just because I'm curious: Is there a good way to let everything be normal and just render the whole thing with a scale?



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for arcade you could do this maybe.. but it does seem like a bit of a workaround for something you'd expect to happen internally.

group.forEach(function(sprite) {      sprite.body.setSize(sprite.width * group.scale.x,  sprite.height * group.scale.y)})

although I have some odd collision behaviour here http://phaser.io/sandbox/XzaIExTz/play


(scale 2,2 worked ok though)

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