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pie timer method and efficiency

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I've found 3 ways of doing a pie timer and I was wondering which one is the most efficient.


1. Assets - 2 semicircles and 1 circle

Method - 2 semicircles are inside 1 circle, both on the same side. They are masked so that they are invisible. Both semicircles rotate out of the mask until they are 180 degrees from their starting point and which then the mask is deleted. 1 of the semicircles stay in it's position while the other continues to rotate until it complete's it's 360 degree rotation.


2. Assets - 2 circles

Method - 1 circle is on top of the other. The top one is hidden. A mask is used to reveal the top circle using this method http://flassari.is/2009/11/pie-mask-in-as3/


3. Assets - 1 circle and multiple small rectangles

Method - The small rectangles are invisible, on top and surround the inner arc of the circle. The rectangles are revealed one by one, based on time.

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