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How to remove mesh from scene in Babylon.js in runtime?


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  • 2 years later...

It seems I was wrong in my understanding of the dispose function, it doesn't remove the object it's self only it's data from the scene, the object is still there, I can not find a way to remove the object, I set it to null for garbage collection but I am still having the draw calls going up so must be something else, back to debugging my code.. fun times..

Does BJS have a method for completely destroying an object by chance? Thanks!

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var terratiles = scene.getMeshesByTags("terra");
var meshes = scene.getMeshesByTags("mesh");
	for(var index=0; index < terratiles.length; index++){ //remove tiles outside of max range
	var tt = terratiles[index];
	var ttid = tt.id;
			if(Math.round(getdist({x: tt.position.x, y: tt.position.y, z: tt.position.z},{x: actor.physicsImpostor.getObjectCenter().x, 
			y: actor.physicsImpostor.getObjectCenter().y, z: actor.physicsImpostor.getObjectCenter().z})/terrasize)*terrasize > terrasize*6){
			var ttobs = scene.getMeshesByTags(tt.id+'_mesh');
				var eid = e.id;
					if(eid.indexOf(ttid) > -1){e.dispose();}
				if(ttobs.length <= 0){tt.dispose();}


At this point I have discovered for sure it isn't my problem however and it appears to be functioning just fine.
But basically what is going on there is it is checking distance from camera to the terrain tile, if it falls outside the max distance it removes all items associated with the tile then it removes the tile. Then I leave all variables used as null for GC.

I am still trying to hunt down my draw call / memory leak, so frustrating..
I thought .dispose completely removes the object but it doesn't, I think it leaves the rest to GC, I can simply add tt=null for that, which I do already, so no issue there.

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  • 1 year later...


I think there is a bug with dispose() with physicsImpostor  =>  in STABLE release, NOT in latest

I can reproduce it : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/indexstable#JS6FR6#1

If we comment the impostor, it works, otherwise it freeze and we got this in console :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'copyFrom' of undefined
    at r.i.computeWorldMatrix (babylon.js:8)
    at r.i.getPositionExpressedInLocalSpace (babylon.js:7)
    at r.i.translate (babylon.js:8)
    at World.beforeStep (babylon.js:39)
    at World.dispatchEvent (cannon.js:10576)
    at World.internalStep (cannon.js:13557)
    at World.BJSCANNON.World.step (babylon.js:40)
    at t.executeStep (babylon.js:40)
    at t._step (babylon.js:40)
    at i.render (babylon.js:12)

I opened an issue on github

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