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High fan speed on MacBook?


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Hi Guys,


I have a MacBook Air and I'm experiencing high fan speed/cpu usage with Phaser.io. Looking at the drag example, moving around the sprite for a few sec, then waiting for about 30 seconds causes the fan speed topping up in 1 minute with terrible noise and heat. WindowServer and browser processes eating around 20% cpu each. I tried in Chrome and Safari as well.


Does anybody experience the same?




My MacBook is 13" Mid 2011, 1.7 Ghz Core I5, 4gb ram, Intel HD graphics 3000 384mb, running OSX Yosemite.


Thank you.






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While the I5 is quite fast, the HD Graphics 3000 is an old and low-end chip. I would honestly expect better results with pure canvas-rendering compared to WebGl. See if you can set your browser to not use WebGl, or set up a project and then set render mode from AUTO to CANVAS and see how that works out for you.

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You are right. Since browsers does not have the power of native-application (games) running through graphic-units etc, they can not provide so much ressources.

The MacBook Air is the low end product of the apple line, with the macBook pro (13" low spec) there are sometimes also high fan speed - a bit heating up. With the MacBook Pro (15") the same as described above is experienced a little less heavy. So it themes to be an dependency on the system and performance-resources.

When I run my Phaser game in chrome and working in brackets (editor), brackets gets a little bit laggy on low-end MacBook Pro's.

Still the MacBook Air is the less powerful, the behavior themes naturally.
I think your machine is only working ;)

as long as your phaser game runs smooth, there should be no problem at all.
If you change your window-tabs, the 20% should run down slowly.

Hope that helps,


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Canvas is very fast.
13" MBP is okay - if you do not want to recognize any "powering" you should use a MBP15" or even a upgraded MBP 13"

I use a 13"MBP low-end for Phaser and a 27" iMac.
The 13" performes well, but as I mentioned before, if you run a phaser game and run brackets (editor) the editor it is a bit laggy. 
So you recognize it but it is okay. You can run Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign at the same time, that makes no different.

27" iMac: okay, you do not recognize a bit of powering but that is clearly understandable since the resources which the iMac offers are a lot ... lot more.

Edit: *Please quote this post as answered for other users which will have the same question.*

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