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Adjusting game speed for different devices using ARCADE Physics


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I have a game where all the movement is run by ARCADE physics. When I run the game on my desktop it runs faster than it does on my Android phone and my Kindle Fire.


I would like the game to run at the same speed on all devices but, as movement is controlled by the physics engine, I cannot directly adjust sprite movement.


Does anyone have a good technique for this?


Ths only thing I can think of is to set an ideal rate (60 fps) - the speed on Firefox on my desktop - and change all the physics engine values in proportion to how the device matches this speed, like this:


this.game.physics.arcade.gravity.y = 200 * (idealfps / actualfps);


So on a desktop runing at 60fps the gravity setting would be 200 * (60/60) = 200.


On a slow dvice with only 30 fps then the gravity would be 200 * (60/30) = 400


So sprites woudl fall at the same rate as on the faster machine.


Is this the best way to go about it?


Thanks in advance





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Thanks to everyone for their replies. Looks like 2.2 will help with this issue. I'll look forward to it. As a matter of interest, my android phone (Nexus 4) was giving about the same frame rate as my desktop (60 fps) - only the Kindle Fire was appreciably slower (35 fps).



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