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Tilemap Highlighting


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Hi all,


One of the requirements of my game is to "highlight" potential moves the player is able to make.  Ideally this would be simple, such as tinting the tile green.  However, I can't see any way to tint a tile.


One thing I did try is creating a unique tilemap layer over the one I'm trying to highlight, and do something like this:

this.visibilityLayer = this.map.createLayer('visibility');var tiles = this.visibilityLayer.getTiles(playerEntity.getX() -  playerMoveRangePx/2, playerEntity.getY() -  playerMoveRangePx/2, playerMoveRangePx*2,  playerMoveRangePx*2);tiles.forEach(function(tile){	this.map.fill(9, tile.x, tile.y, 1, 1, this.visibilityLayer);}, this);

In this case, tile index 9 is an arbitrary green square.  


I can't seem to see the tiles I've changed in this case, and even then it's so slow it freezes up for about half a second when filling in bigger areas.


Any ideas?

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Hi xerver, I'm seeing two issues:

GET http://localhost/mobilepenguins/lib/phaser-tiled/node-zlib.js.map 404 (Not Found) Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasLoaded' of undefined 

Not sure if these issues are related.  The typeError occurs internal to Phaser.


I have followed your tutorial, this is my code:

//add the tiled plugingame.add.plugin(Phaser.Plugin.Tiled);this.cacheKey = Phaser.Plugin.Tiled.utils.cacheKey;game.load.tiledmap(this.cacheKey(this.tileMapId, 'tiledmap'), this.tileMapJson, null, Phaser.Tilemap.TILED_JSON);game.load.image(this.cacheKey(this.tileMapId, 'tileset', this.tileSetId), this.tileSetImg);

and create:

this.map = game.add.tiledmap(this.tileMapId);

Anything you can spy I'm doing wrong?


Thanks again for your help.


It appears to be happening on the this.map = game.add.tiledmap(this.tileMapId); line.


EDIT: it was an error on my end with the my IDs

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