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Text wrapping issues with stroke


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So I am having issues using text wrapping once a stroke has been applied to my Text Object. The second line of my text is not visible once a stroke has been applied. If i remove the stroke I can see multiple lines. sample code below.


var style = { font: "40px hnvb", fill: "#FFFFFF", align: "left", wordWrap: true, wordWrapWidth: 720, stroke: "black", strokeThickness: "10" };this._textField = new Phaser.Text(this.game, 1024 / 2, 700, "", style); this.addChild(this._textField);

So do i need to force a redraw somehow or something? I am setting the text at a later point / multiplie times.


Note: I was initially using version 2.1.3 and then tried 2.2 RC build and had the same issue.

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