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Discrepancy in loading html and babylon.js files into chrome


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I could use some serious help.  I have two HTML files for testing.  


When I click on the link below to my skybox test scene, the scene doesn't load:



When I click on the link for the skybox scene without the .babylon cube, the scene loads fine:



However, if I click on the skybox_test link above first (skybox_new_test.html), and then using the same path manually change the name of the html file to skybox_new_cube_test.html, the scene loads fine.



The only difference in the script is loading my .babylon file with a UV texture exported from Blender:


BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "./", "cube_mat.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes) {


I'm using Chrome.  I've attached the two HTML files.


Any help would be appreciated.


Cheers  :)


David B.


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As I continue to troubleshoot, I have come across a causal element.  If I click on the link below loading a file called skybox.html, both links above load fine:



The skybox.html file above is exactly the same as the skybox_new_test.html file in my original post, except all remarks have been removed.  So in summary, if I don't load the HTML file in this post above first in a new Chrome browser (it's key to try this in a new browser that has not loaded any previous babylon javascript), then both links in my original post won't load and show errors in the JS console.  However, by loading the skybox.html file above into a new browser, the two links in the original post work fine.


Considering the two files skybox.html and skybox_new_test.html are basically the same, why would one load and not the other?  I also have added the BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh the call into the skybox .html file that loads correctly, create a link to the file, and it will not load into a new browser.  I think I've taken this as far as I can.


I hope someone has experienced this before, as I don't want to move forward with my more complex models and animation which I've prepared - since this is a huge problem right now.


I've attached the skybox.html file which works fine.


Cheers  :)


David B.


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I've continued to troubleshoot, and it appears that the link to both the skybox_new_cube_test.html file and the skybox_new_test.html files are broken on this site - but they work fine on all other sites. 





Now I'm really confused.  :wacko:


And I still have a big problem with the scenes from the HTML files I've attached loading correctly - but the links above need to work on this site first before I proceed again with my initial problem.  I'll create another post with the broken links in the title.




David B.

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