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Small errors in RequireJS template


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I am not an avid Github guy, so instead I'm reporting here instead of simply submitting a patch.


There are two small mistakes in the RequireJS template that prevent the resulting code from working.


In the file https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/master/resources/Project%20Templates/RequireJS/src/main.js


The line:

   paths: {        	phaser:   'libs/phaser/phaser.min',        },

Should be changed to:

   paths: {        	phaser:   'libs/phaser/build/phaser.min'        },

Note that path change and comma removal.

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By the way, if anyone is interested in using Phaser with RequireJS I've done up a bit of a guide on the subject.  It walks through pulling (just) the template from the Phaser repository, running bower and walks through the resulting project.



To be honest, I'm not entirely certain there is a win here.  Certainly if you have lots of dependencies or as your code becomes extremely complex, but generally all Javascript package solutions start to seem more trouble than they are worth for small to medium sized projects.  I'm still on the fence here.

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