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Mousemove on Sprites


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Hi Pixi experts,


I'm trying to trigger a callback every time I "mousemove" over a sprite and I haven't been able to get that to work the same way "click" and "mouseover" work. I've made my sprite interactive, but the mousemove callback gets trigger anytime the mouse moves anywhere in the scene, not just over the sprite. click and mouseover events work fine.


I'm just getting started with Pixi and I'm using v 2.1. Are there any steps I'm missing?

var circle = new PIXI.Graphics();circle.beginFill(0xFFFFFF);circle.drawCircle(0,0,100);var circleTexture = circle.generateTexture();var circleSprite = new PIXI.Sprite(circleTexture);circleSprite.tint = 0xBEABEA;circleSprite.scale = new PIXI.Point(0.5, 0.5);circleSprite.interactive = true;circleSprite.mousemove = function(interaction) { //callback code };
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I think that's how it's supposed to work. Just check the position in the mouse data param to see if it's over your sprite.

Thanks Dave. I guess I was expecting it to work like the other events. Since my sprite is based off of a circle shape, I added the hitArea property and added the following to the mousemove callback:

circleSprite.mousemove = function(interactionData) {    var interactionManager = new PIXI.InteractionManager();    if(interactionManager.hitTest(this, interactionData)) {        console.log("mousemove over sprite");    };};

Everything is working now as expected.

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I usually do something like this





function onRelease(e){

   mySprite .off('mousemove',onDrag);





function onPress(e){

   mySprite .on('mousemove',onDrag);



function onDrag(e){

 console.log("mouse is moving")


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I usually do something like this mySprite.on('mousedown',onPress);mySprite.on('mousedown',onRelease); function onRelease(e){   mySprite .off('mousemove',onDrag);}   function onPress(e){   mySprite .on('mousemove',onDrag);} function onDrag(e){ console.log("mouse is moving")}

The work only if mySprite.interactive = true

Need hitTest with any sprites

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