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Animation from graphics. Bug in 2.1.3+, doesn't work below 2.1.3


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I'm trying to make a spritesheet from Phaser.Graphics.


Here is an example of the problem http://jsfiddle.net/718ekhje/3/ (Please look at the result and then comment out line 29)


Basically I'm making Phaser.Graphics object, filling it with squares in different colours (so I have colourful line) and generating PIXI.Texture from it.


Then I'm adding this texture to Phaser.Cache via cache.addSpriteSheet.


Now I should be able to add sprite using this key passed to cache, but no... Nothing is showing up.


I found out that I need to add Phaser.Sprite with PIXI.Texture as the key, before my animation, to make it work.



Maybe there is other way. What I want to do, is to use Phaser.Graphics (PIXI.Graphics) as spritesheet for particles.


Thank you! :)

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