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Rapidly change state without repeated calls to create()?


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I'm programming a roguelike and I've divided the main game into three distinct states:  PlayerTurn, Animating, EnemyTurn. I do this to separate game logic and not have a humongous God class. Each state calls the other in a loop:  PlayerTurn -> Animating -> EnemyTurn -> Animating -> PlayerTurn



        update() {            var keyboard = this.game.input.keyboard;                            for (var inputCommand in this.actionMap) {                var keyCode = toKeyCode(inputCommand);                if (keyboard.isDown(keyCode)) {                    this.actionMap[inputCommand]();                    this.switchToAnimatingState();                }            }        }


        init(args: any) {            console.log("In AnimatingState.");            this.view = args[0];            this.map = args[1];            this.player = args[2];            this.nextState = args[3];            this.view.onTweensFinished.addOnce(() => this.switchToNextState(), this);            this.view.play();        }


        update() {            // No logic yet.            this.game.state.start(State.AnimatingState, false, false, [this.view, this.map, this.player, State.PlayerState]);        }

Anyway, all three States have the init(args) function. What I also noticed is that each game.state.start() call destroys, preloads, and creates every state new again. I don't really need, nor do I want, to perform my initialization logic twice. I have my fully constructed view, tilemap, and player class that I'm passing around.


In order to avoid creating my class twice and returning to the beginning game state, I have a static (global in js) variable:

        create() {            if (!PlayerState.hasBeenCreated) {                this.game.stage.backgroundColor = "#000000";                this.initializeView();                this.initializeInputBindings();                this.initializeMap();                this.initializePlayer();                PlayerState.hasBeenCreated = true;            }        }

That's pretty ugly and I wish it'd go away. Is it possible to switch states without destruction/update? My other solution was to have one GameState, and it controls which substate to process at the moment.

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This isn't really how States have been designed. You could still do this but I wouldn't use any of the pre-defined methods (create, preload, etc) and instead would just call my own custom functions as needed, keeping track of it myself. Which isn't far off what you've got. Also you could just do:

create() {  if (PlayerState.hasBeenCreated) { return; }  ....}
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