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bug or feature? p2 physics body is not below the rendered sprite


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i opened this thread because the title of the thread where i found this problem is misleading.. so sorry for the double post :)




as you can see in the attached image the physics body of a fast moving sprite is sometimes far from directly below the sprite.


this is usually not a problem but when i try to make another spirte follow the first sprite it will always follow the physicsbody which is at a different position


this looks weird and renders the whole thing unusable..   in my case this should be a visual aid but if its pointing towards the wrong x and y coordinates it makes no sense


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so this is fixed in the newest dev branch.. thx to rich.


the debug circle is now drawn underneath the sprite..  the other problem that the second sprite (the white rope) is still behind the sprite exactly one frame can be circumvented by using the states preRender() method to update it's position instead of the update() method.

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