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Error in BABYLON.Mesh class ?


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I ported this




sample to babylon. If the number of triangles goes above a certain limit, they wont be rendered at all. I suspect that the number of indices in a mesh has something to do with it. But that is only an idea...


If you check the "Basic Elements" sample in playground and increase the sphere's tesselation from 10 to 200, its not a sphere anymore. The lower half is "cut". Increasing the tesselation, "cuts" even more. At a tesselation of 250, half of the sphere is gone. Have a look:





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because it supports 32 bits extension (https://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/extensions/OES_element_index_uint/


We are working on adding it to bjs sooooooooon (really soon:))


I've updated the playground with current alpha version and TADAMM!! your demo is now working :)




Excellent! This will close like, a fifth of the issues on this forum. (Also lets CEWBS safely use dimensions > 20x20x20) :D

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