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Use the phaser in a specific canvas element


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Hello everybody! First congratulations on this forum! He has helped me a lot with phaserJs. I work with developing educational materials to Moodle and am trying to use the phaser in my applications. I would like to know how to write in a specific canvas element using the PhaserJS. That is, I can write in a predefined Canvas element?

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I really did not want to use the Canvas ... but in Moodle, which is the environment we work here, provides only a html editor field, when I call the phaser in this environment, it appears within the page and not the specific html space ... Since the Canvas, moodle easily recognize. Thanks for the reply.

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When you use Phaser.Game to create your game, you can pass a pre-existing canvas element in the arguments:

Game(width, height, renderer, parent, state, transparent, antialias, physicsConfig)

Where "parent" should be the id of your canvas.


More details here: http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Game.html

Hope that was what you were looking for!

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I don't understand what's wrong by Phaser creating a custom canvas for you. You call Phaser.Game giving it a dom element id, and it places the canvas there.


So you add this to your html

<div id="game-area"></div>

and call Phaser.Game

new Phaser.Game(640, 480, Phaser.AUTO, 'game-area');

This will create a canvas within the '#game-area'


So are you saying this is not possible using moodle, If not explain your problem more please.

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