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ObjectLayer from tiled throws, "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined "


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As usual, I will begin with my tilemap:




As you can see I added three objects that I want to use in my map as triggers. This is the object layer called Triggers in tiled. I did not change my loading code because I assumed that you don't have to load the object layer:

        constructor(game: Phaser.Game, key: string, manifest: any) {            super(game, key);            this.addTilesets(manifest.maze);                        this.wallLayer       = this.createLayer(this.WallsLayer);            this.backgroundLayer = this.createLayer(this.BackgroundLayer);            this.shadowLayer     = this.createLayer(this.ShadowsLayer);            this.itemLayer       = this.createLayer(this.ItemsLayer);            this.objectLayer     = this.createLayer(this.ObjectsLayer);            this.creatureLayer   = this.createLayer(this.CreaturesLayer);            this.separateCreaturesFromTilemap();            this.separateItemsFromTilemap();            this.backgroundLayer.resizeWorld();            this.setCollisionBetween(1, 2, true, "Walls");        }

And this fails at runtime with the exception:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined phaser.js:64576    Phaser.TilemapParser.parseTiledJSON phaser.js:64576    Phaser.TilemapParser.parse phaser.js:64260    Phaser.Tilemap phaser.js:61637    Tilemap Tilemap.ts:23    InGame.initializeMap     InGame.ts:36InGame.create     InGame.ts:26    Phaser.StateManager.loadComplete phaser.js:17993    Phaser.StateManager.preUpdate phaser.js:17753    Phaser.Game.update phaser.js:24518    Phaser.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF phaser.js:42978    _onLoop

Finally, here is the object layer as it is defined in the .json:

        {         "draworder":"topdown",         "height":8,         "name":"Triggers",         "objects":[                {                 "height":0,                 "name":"warp",                 "properties":                    {                     "map":"volcano"                    },                 "rotation":0,                 "type":"",                 "visible":true,                 "width":0,                 "x":60,                 "y":12                },                 {                 "height":0,                 "name":"warp",                 "properties":                    {                     "map":"desert"                    },                 "rotation":0,                 "type":"",                 "visible":true,                 "width":0,                 "x":276,                 "y":60                },                 {                 "height":0,                 "name":"spawn_player",                 "properties":                    {                    },                 "rotation":0,                 "type":"",                 "visible":true,                 "width":0,                 "x":60,                 "y":36                }],         "opacity":1,         "type":"objectgroup",         "visible":true,         "width":12,         "x":0,         "y":0        }
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if you want to use objects from the object layer you need to use 


if you painted the objects with polylines (be aware that only the polylinetool works - not the polygon tool) then you need to use 


this creates an array ob p2 bodies and you can cycle over them with a forloop and apply different configs to them..

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