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How to load collision using Physijs and Universalloader


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For a project in school we are making a game. For loading models, I tried using https://github.com/jeromeetienne/threex.universalloader which made loading obj models very easy:

    var loader  = new THREEx.UniversalLoader();    var url = ['mdl/tower.obj', 'mdl/tower.mtl'];    loader.load(url, function(object3d){        // this function will be notified when the model is loaded        object3d.scale.divideScalar(0.25);        scene.add(object3d)    });

This loads and shows the model in my scene, but I have to make collision for it too. For that purpose, I created another obj file which contains a simple cyllinder sized to my tower model. But I have no idea how to use universalloader and Physijs together (or how to use custom physics model at all in Physijs). I found function Physijs.CovexShape but I dont know how to make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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